Recruitment Status

The recruitment status indicates the progress of a clinical study in regards to recruiting participants. Specific terms that indicate recruitment status include: Not yet recruiting: the clinical study has not started recruiting participants; Recruiting: the clinical study is currently recruiting participants; Enrolling by invitation: the clinical study is only selecting its participants from a specific patient population, or group of people, decided on by the researchers in advance; Active, not recruiting: the clinical study is ongoing, and participants are receiving an intervention or being examined, but new participants are not currently being recruited or enrolled; Suspended: the clinical study has stopped early but may start again; Terminated: the clinical study has stopped early and will not start again; Completed: the clinical study has ended normally, and participants are no longer being examined or treated; Withdrawn: the clinical study stopped early, before enrolling its first participant; Unknown: the clinical study has passed its completion date, but the recruiting status has not been verified within the past two years.